DevOps Automation Workflow Implemented for a Fleet Management Solution

Case Study

DevOps Automation Workflow Implemented for a Fleet Management Solution

50% improved vehicle, cargo safety with accurate driver behaviour analysis using ML on live cabin camera feeds, reduced insurance premiums with reduced accidents, improved driver performance

Executive Summary

eInfochips helped the client develop a fleet monitoring system which could mitigate the vehicle and insurance risks. eInfochips suggested implementing DevOps methodology to ensure continuous testing and monitoring as per the deployment of the system on the moving fleet with cameras.



A premier client in North America, manufactures and distributes Safety and Security products to commercial transportation and hauling companies.



The client’s fleet monitoring system, developed along with eInfochips, was deployed on moving trucks/heavy vehicles. Any new camera firmware updates required long release cycle time due to intermittent network connectivity in the moving vehicles. Also, there were intermittent failures due to vibrations of the fleet. All these limited the scope of quicker deployment of updates. Hence, the client was looking for a solution to this problem with zero errors.

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