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Build a Smart, Intelligent Edge

eInfochips has expertise in building edge AI solutions for asset monitoring and control using deep learning-based application pipelines covering data processing, perception, planning, control and insights. Industry capabilities span healthcare, logistics, transportation, home automation and automotive. With these solutions, customers are able to deliver order of magnitude improvement in enterprise workforce productivity, asset efficiency and hyper personalized CX using state-of-the-art ML technology for computer vision and natural language processing.

Key Offerings


Consulting and Advisory

  • ML Proof of Concept
  • Solution Architecture
  • Library Assessment
  • Tools & Hosting
  • Model Re-Engineering

Solution Design and Implementation

  • ML model driven IoT (Edge, Cloud) –
    Data mining, Vision or NLP
  • Chatbot development

Rollout and Managed Services

  • Model As A Service
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Training, Tuning & Testing
  • Porting & Deployment
  • Monitoring

Success Stories


US based Fleet Management Solutions Company

  • 50% improved vehicle, cargo safety with accurate driver behavior analysis using ML on live cabin camera feeds
  • Reduced insurance premiums, reduced accidents, improved driver performance
Technology – AI, ML
Industry – Transportation & Logistics

US based Pharmacy Automation Company

  • Improved hospital staff productivity – automated image capture, DL based counting of complex, multi-scale field of view
  • Real time inventory updates, notifications for just-in-time replenishment in mission critical environments
Technology – Cybersecurity, Cloud
Industry – Healthcare

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