Cognitive Automation


eInfochips helps customers build insight and autonomy focused applications for enterprise productivity and hyper personalized CX using state-of-the-art technology – ML (computer vision, NLP), data management, analytics and cloud.

We also help develop enterprise process automation solutions for optimizing operations effort and costs using RPA tools, including enterprise application and service management tool integration. Test automation is another aspect of our offerings, covering entire connected device value chain.

Key Offerings


Machine Learning
and AI

  • Drive managed R&D services from concept-to-prototype – technology assessment, edge-to-cloud solution blueprinting
  • Train and test algorithm – new model build, transfer learning, MOTS code customization, architecture overhaul
  • Manage ML data pipeline (generate, integrate, prepare, annotate)
  • Optimize ML pipeline performance – Algorithm porting to edge, model testing, fine-tuning, algorithm re-design

Robotic Process Automation

  • Assess automation readiness – identify candidate processes, RoI, architecture logical view, tool selection and PoC
  • Develop and deploy bots for industry/ function process applications
  • Document bot inventory and conduct user training
  • Govern and optimize bot landscape – bot re-training, predictive analytics
  • Support RPA bot deployments – L1, L2


  • Assess existing test operations – performance metrics, SLA trends, tool stack etc.
  • Identify automation opportunities and estimate productivity gains – deploy new automation tools, overhaul existing tool configurations
  • Enable adoption of industry standard testing practices like BDD test automation, mobile application vetting

Success Stories


A billion dollar manufacturer of safety and security products

  • 50% improved vehicle, cargo safety with accurate driver behaviour analysis using ML on live cabin camera feeds
  • Reduced insurance premiums with reduced accidents, improved driver performance

Technology – Cloud, ML
Industry – Consumer Electronics


A global leader in electronics supply chain solutions

  • RPA solution for enterprise application (ERP, CRM) process workflow automation
  • Significant reduction in request processing time, throughput and overall output accuracy

Technology – RPA
Industry – Electronics Distribution

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