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Automation is the foundation for a digital business to scale with agility.  However scale brings huge infrastructure and operational costs.  Hence automating routine and mundane tasks becomes a mandate for various functions like Digital Product operations, Finance, Supply chain or Marketing within the organization.  Robotic process automation means a software or a ‘robot’ that is able to execute pre-determined, rules-based tasks, mimicking human interaction with existing applications to automate a variety of business processes.

eInfochips helps enterprises adopt a long-term process automation strategy that aims to implement intelligent automation solutions that combine both RPA and AI capabilities.  eInfochips provides RPA consulting, Proof of Concept, RPA tool migration and RPA implementation services.  eInfochips possesses extreme knowledge and expertise across various industries and use-cases like incident management, customer service and predictive maintenance to provide maximum value to a customer in their automation journey. EIC takes Traditional RPA a step further with Cognitive RPA  by enabling organizations to automate processes that include unstructured data sources.

Key Offerings


RPA Consulting

RPA Assessment Framework, Business Case / ROI, Solution Architecture, Tool & vendor selection, Process Modelling, Proof of Concept


RPA Development

Industry-Specific Solutions, Development & Implementation
of bots, RPA Tool migration, Documentation, Training


RPA Deployment and Support

RPA CoE, Bot maintenance, Monitoring, Level -1 RPA Support, Level- 2 RPA Support


Cognitive RPA

OCR, Text Analytics, Chatbot Analytics, Predictive Analytics. Categorization, Classification, Voice Recognition

Success Stories


Supply Chain Optimization with Robotic Process Automation

  • Improvement in productivity upto 35%, reduced error by 90%
  • Inventory management processes automation
  • UiPath robotic enterprise framework
Technology – RPA
Industry – Transport and Logistics

Robotic Process Automation for Smart City Infrastructure Support

  • Reduction in cost from 2nd year upto 40%, reduced error by 90%
  • Quality of support improvement with more coverage for key support activities
Technology – RPA
Industry – Infrastructure

Advantage of RPA

Automation First<br />
Mind-set & DNA

Automation First
Mind-set & DNA

Expertise in RPA for Digital Product Driven Operations

Expertise in RPA for Digital Product Driven Operations

Focus on Business Transformation rather than Process Improvement

Focus on Business Transformation rather than Process Improvement

Hybrid RPA - Attended and Unattended RPA Convergence

Hybrid RPA - Attended and Unattended RPA Convergence

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